True Teachers and Students
Whether your students are small children, teenagers, college students or adults, it is important to know how to present so that everyone in your class or audience grasps what you are saying and leaves with a new awareness of what you are trying to convey.

In the True Colors Teaching/Learning Styles Seminar, you will learn about teaching styles for different personalities and how to encourage learning and achievement.  This seminar will help teachers and presenters to understand the True Colors concept in regards to learning and how it applies to different personality and temperament styles. 

This program will incorporate practical, useful and fun activities that apply to the True Colors concepts in teaching, and the information gained will be a the springboard for developing improved teaching skills, greater communication in the classroom, and positive attitudes in your students.

True Colors has helped reduce absenteeism and the drop-out rate in schools across the nation. An amazing number of school districts and alternative schools have found that the True Colors Program has changed the atmosphere of their schools and has helped with conflict resolution, increased attendance, and decreased the drop out rate.  At-risk students and reluctant learners have turned around and become interested in their studies. 

Why has True Colors been so effective in helping schools?  Because, by using True Colors as a way to easily and quickly recognize 4 different personality styles, teachers, administrators, staff and students begin to understand themselves and others and learn to appreciate the differences.  True Colors Basic Awareness Seminars begin the process, followed by Advanced Applications, which include True Communication, Teaching/Learning Styles, Teambuilding, True Parenting, Conflict Resolution, and Career Development. 

A True Colors article, “No More Drop Outs”, is available about success in the schools.  It goes into depth about how True Colors is schools and school districts achieve their goals.

True Coahes and Althletes 

Learn the True Colors of your athletes and of their parents. This hands-on, interactive workshop teaches practical and useful activities that apply True Colors concepts to the difficult job of sports coaching. Build self-confidence, self-esteem, and respect by understanding each athlete’s strengths and talents.

Discover insights into how each team member contributes and influences the others. You will learn how to coach your athletes in ways to which they will naturally respond and accept according to their True Colors. Benefits of this program include:

·         Understand how personality differences lead to various behaviors in athletes and parents.

·         Recognize the values, strengths, and stressors of each athlete’s and parent’s personality type, as well as your own.

·         Gather new methods to promote respect and self-confidence

·         Build a stronger team concept

·         Enhance parental cooperation and support

·         Understand and improve communication within the Athletic Triangle: Parents, Coaches and Athletes.


This program can be presented as a 2-hour introductory workshop, a 4-hour seminar workshop, or as separate workshops for coaches, athletes and parents.


Anyone who is interested in becoming a better coach will benefit greatly by using principles of True Colors.

True Parenting and Families

Based on Kathy Hayward’s book “True Parenting: How to Foster Deeper Family Ties and a Harmonious Home” participants explore and discover the “True Colors” of each family member, gaining insights into how parents influence the behaviors of the children. Learn how to parent each child in ways to which they will naturally respond and accept according to their True Colors.


Key benefits include:

  • Learn True Colors, an easy and highly effective communications tool.
  • Understand how personality differences lead to various behaviors of children.
  • Recognize the values, joys, strengths, stressors of each child’s personality type as well as your own.
  • Learn new methods to promote respect and self-confidence in your children.
  • Deepen family relationships and create a more harmonious home.
  • Enhance parenting with skills in communicating, motivating, providing discipline and building self-esteem.
  • Deepen the parenting relationship that you share.


True Parenting can be experienced as a two hour introduction workshop (for those who have already experienced a Personal Success Seminar) or as a four hour to full day seminar/workshop. 


Anyone who is interested in becoming a better parent will greatly benefit from the principals of True Parenting.
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                                                                                                                      True Colors
True Colors Workshops are structured to help build stronger interpersonal relationships with others in our lives. The True Colors mission is to enhance the way we live, work, communicate and interact with those around us at work and in our personal lives.

True Colors™ Relationships

True Colors™ lively and interactive programs have become the easiest and most convenient way of creating cohesion with the many relationships people have in their lives. Through the True Colors™ methodology one can improve the  quality of relations and  increase positive communication between those we interact with.  We look at True Colors as building upon layers.  Utilizing the Personal Success Seminar to lay the foundation for building sustaining relationships; through the process you will begin to  recognize each others greatest strengths while honoring differences  in order to create more sustainable relationships. Once the foundation is established through the Personal Success Seminar,  further True Colors components specific to your relationship needs can be added.  Other layers can include:

True Couples
Participants will be able to enhance and improve their communication and understanding of their significant other.

Participants will learn the behaviors of the Green Man, Gold Man, Blue Man and the Orange Man.

Participants will learn the behaviors of the Green Woman, Gold Woman, Blue Woman and the Orange Woman.