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SAFE Home Study
The SAFE certified home study evaluation is mandatory for anyone who wishes to adopt or foster a child in the State of Colorado.  Home studies are also required for family members wishing to foster or adopt another family member, such as a niece, nephew or grandchild.

I am SAFE certified to conduct home studies on anyone wishing to become a foster or adoptive parent.  A homestudy is an assessment of an applicants’ readiness and suitability for fostering or adoption and is required in order to foster/adopt a child through a public or private agency.

SAFE stands for Structured Analysis Family Evaluation. The SAFE homestudy is a mutual process that evaluates the strengths of applicants’ regarding their ability to become foster or adoptive parents. It involves the discussion of issues pertaining to parenting and encourages applicants to examine their own beliefs, values and feelings. Family background, motivation for foster or adoption, couple relationship (if applicable), experience with children and adoption issues are all examined during this process.

The homestudy involves 4-6 interviews, the completion of several questionnaires, a home safety inspection, and the following supporting documents:

Police Clearances
Medical Reports
Character References
Child Welfare Record Checks
Financial Forms