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 Children In Between
For Children & Families Experiencing Divorce or Separation
What About The Children??

    The Census Bureau estimates that 1,300,000 divorces and dissolutions are granted annually in the US.  Approximately half of all marriages preformed today will end in divorce in the US and Canada.  About 60% of divorces involved children.  A million children experience their parent's divorce each year.  

    The divorce and separation of one's parents and the restructuring of the family that follows are among the most painful and agonizing experiances for children of all ages.  The problems created by divorce can remain a long-term burden for many children well into their adult lives.  

The Children In Between Program is offered at Mountain Soul Resources to help children and parents process the devastating effects of the divorce and separation process.  The program was developed by the Center for Divorce in Ohio after many years of research.  The goal of the program is to help parents and children minimize the harmful effects that divorce can have on the family. The classes are designed for parents and children, with the children's classes being broken into age groups of 3-8 and 8-18 years old.  Please contact us for the current class schedule.