Adolescent Counseling
There are so many pressures facing our youth today that at times they don't know how to deal with.  Many times stress manifests itself in bad decision making, poor school performance, drugs/alcohol, sexual promiscuity or self harming behaviors.  And often these behaviors are impacting the entire family. It is important to identify the source of these behaviors and to offer the support necessary for the youth to acquire the skills needed to help themselves.  Through work with the individual youth, their family and sometimes siblings we can come together and help.  I use a variety of techniques that are  based on the individual needs of the youth and their family.


Individual Support: Appropriate for Any age.
It is my goal to help people find their passion and create goals to make that interest a stronger presence in their lives.  For youth, individual support may be around career assessment and helping youth match their personality with a career choice.  It may also include college preparation and planning. For others, areas of support may include career changes and other life transitions .
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                                                               Youth Development

Youth are an important pillar in the next generation for communities all over the world. I believe in the importance of helping shape our youth and preparing them for the challenges that are yet to come in their lives.  Many youth have already experienced challenge in their lives and are even more in need of supportive people around them to care about their success.  I want to have that impact on our youth and many of my services are structured around accomplishing this goal. 

Real World Series: Youth 15-20

We all want our children to be successful, not only for themselves and their families to come, but for the future of our community.  It is all of our responsibilities to help prepare our kids for the future.  A successful young adult will be able to handle stressful situations, make clear rational decisions and have a  knowledge of how basic life functions work.  I have put together classes and workshops geared toward helping our young adults grasps the real world information they need to know.  I will talk to them about everything from realities of credit cards all the way through relationships and everything in between.Workshops are 8 weeks long, are co-ed. 

Topic Areas Include:

Money                                               Education
Home                                                Job Seeking Skills

Food Management                           Job Maintenance Skills

Personal Care                                  Housing

Health                                              Transportation

Social Skills                                     Community Resources

Safety                                              Understanding the Law

Education                                        Recreation

Relationships                                  Taxes

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